2019 Hugoton, Kansas

Sep 19, 2019

Hugoton, Kansas.  WAS there going to be a show or WAS going to be no show?   Well the answer is there was a show on a nice day, in a great park and they had 83 cars.   Take a look.

A look to the north shows there was a wide variety of cars.

Now look close at the above.  I thought this was a motorcycle pulling a trailer. WRONG! This is a unique tricycle.   Note there is no motor nor a rear wheel on the motorcycle. Look further that is not a trailer.  Following the motorcycle or what looks like a motorcycle is part of a Mercury Sable complete with headlights, a motor and front wheel drive.   

How about a 53 Plymouth.  How many of these do you see.  My grandpa had one with a whirly gig Jesus instead of a hood ornament.

How about a 53 Bug Eye Triumph?

Something you do not see.  A 1966 Ford Fairlane GTA.  This one is well done.


Some Ulysses folks, Caldwell, Johnson, Krie, Trahern, Riley and others.

One very nice 67 or 68 Camaro RS.  Dark Green in Color.

Just some Teddy Bears.

A red Ferrari  (I had to look up the spelling).  Now that is not something you expect to see in a Western kansas City Park!

More the norm for Western Kansas.

This is not usually my flavor but this is one well done pickup. I would guess it is a S-10 Chevrolet.   Lowered, bagged and painted beautifully.  This is a good way to end this post.

See you nesxt weekend in Stevens Park, Garden City, Kansas?


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