2018 Ness City, Kansas

Oct 06, 2018

Yes, Yes, Yes I am way behind with posts.  The only reason I am here now is because it is raining in Hutchinson and I cannot go to the Hutchinson Downtown Car Show. 

On September 1, 2018, the Snyder's had their run in Ness City, Kansas.  It is always hard to make a show go on a holiday but thay had 70 plus and good weather.  Some old and some new.  TAKE A LOOK.

Brother Suchy picked up a  Red 57 Chevy.  It is a good one.

Front and Back.  Do not tell the Senate, I will never get on the US Supreme Court.

The Cozy is still there, that ought to count as an old one.  I got Mark to buy lunch by monaing and groaning.

I always like these two.

A well thought out non-sexual harrassment game for the poker run.  Upps the creators of this game cannot be on the Court either.  I sure got bad taste. SORRY.

Two new Snyder mobiles at the end of the street and this post.


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